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Vehicle Wraps

Benefits of Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps are one of the fastest growing forms of outdoor advertising. You can turn any of your company vehicles into a moving billboard. It’s not a secret that branding is important in advertising. With a vehicle wrap, you can make in impression with your company logo and services to everyone you drive passed.

Low-cost Advertising

Vehicle wraps do have an initial investment cost. However, over the life of the wrap, it can be a very low cost of advertising. Also compared to a billboard it’s an advertisement that you own and not renting a space from another company.

Look Professional on Job Sites

If you are a business that you travel to your customer’s location, a vehicle wrap will not only help you look professional but also show all the neighbors that you are there doing work. People love to talk to their neighbors about new things they are purchasing for their home or business. This is a great conversation open and can help open the door up to new sales opportunities. For example, if you are a carpet and flooring company you could have photos of your work van of some really nice hardwood floors. this would grab some attention. Say your customers neighbor is driving by and they see your van wrapped with the same type of flooring they have been thinking about getting. They can now ask their neighbor about their experience and open up the opportunity for you to gain another customer.

Full Wraps

With full vehicle wraps, we cover all the factory paint on the vehicle. By doing this we can turn your vehicle into some really cool patterns and colors that you can get from a standard paint job. Another advantage to this is changing the color of the vehicle to match your company colors. Say you get a really good deal on a gold color vehicle, but your company colors are green and black. With a full print wrap, we can change the colors of the vehicle to your company colors and nobody driving down the road will ever know that it used to be gold.

Partial Wraps

For many vehicles don’t have to wrap every bit of paint on it. Many times you can just wrap parts of the vehicle and still get your point across. By doing a partial wrap you can save money and also avoid certain areas of the vehicle where the material may have a hard time of lasting a long time on like the bumpers of the vehicle.