Paint Corrections

Our paint correction services will help bring your paint back to life. We can buff and polish paint that has faded or oxidized to bring back that shine and gloss. We can also remove swirl marks are minor scratches.

Single Stage Correction

With our single stage polish, we use a special polish that will remove most swirl makes and minor defects but also finish down to a high shine a deep gloss.

Two-stage Correction

With this polish, we use a more abrasive polish to cut out as many defects as possible. This can really bring the life back to paint that has been abused or just not taken care of properly. Things like scrapes from tree limbs and bushes will typically disappear with an intensive polish. After the first stage, we follow up with a lighter polish that will make your paint shine and bring back that deep gloss again. One way to check to see if a scratch or scrape will not come out is to rub your fingernail across it. If you can feel the scratch that means it is through the clear coat. We might still be able to make the scratch look better but it won’t polish out completely.

Both of out paint correction services include a coat of our JetSeal to give you added protection to your freshly polished paint.