Ceramic Window Tinting

Ceramic Window Tinting Farmington MO

What is Nano Carbon Ceramic Window Tinting?

Nano ceramic window tinting is the newest in window film technology.Traditionally many window films get their color from. Many tinting shops only sell dyed windows films because it is the cheapest tint you can buy. Dyed films can turn purple over time and do not block any heat. New Visions specializes in Nano Carbon Ceramic films. These films do not contain any dye. Carbon films get their color from nano-sized carbon particles. These is much stronger and will last longer than dye based films. Our window films take it even further and add a layer of ceramic to block heat. This combination gives you a window film that will last a long time while keeping you cool.

Blocking Heat

I have seen many companies run ads that tinting will keep your car cool. This is true when the proper window tinting on your vehicle. Many tinting companies do not tell you the full truth about what they are putting on your car.

The sun has three spectrums. One of these forms is Visible light what we can physically see with our eyes. Another form is Ultraviolet light or often referred to as UV light. UV produces damaging rays that are harmful to our skin and eyes but also things like car interiors and hardwood floors in your home. The last form is Infrared light or IR. Infrared is what proceeds the heat that we feel. While dyed window films block up to 99% of UV rays, they do not block any Infrared heat. why ceramic window films block heat where cheaper dyed films do not. If you are doing research on window tinting and a company tells you that their films will keep you cool be sure to ask what type of tinting they are using. Ceramic window tinting is the best option for your car.

Protecting yourself and your property

By blocking heating and UV, you are protecting your skin and eyes from the sun. This same technology also protects the interior of your car and also your home. If you have leather seats in your this will help to protect them from fading also cracking. Ceramic window tinting is the only film technology that will block both Ultraviolet rays and also Infrared rays. When you reduce or block both UV and IR you will get protection that you can’t get from dyed films.