Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic coatings are amazing and will help keep your vehicle looking new. While your vehicle is being protected with our ceramic coatings you will not have to wax or seal your vehicle at all. A ceramic coating will form a hard coat on your vehicles clear coat that will offer more protection than a wax or a sealant ever will. Check out some of the benefits of our ceramic coatings below.

Ease Of Maintenance

All of SB3 Coatings offer hydrophobic properties that allow for ease of maintenance. Fewer contaminates will bond to the surface of the coating. This allows for faster and easier cleaning. The self-cleaning properties will also keep your car looking clean longer over a traditional wax or sealant.


Clear coat hardness generally averages around 4h on vehicles. Both Alpha and Omega measure to a hardness level of 9H allowing your paint to be protected by a true high solids formula. This will help aid in micro marring allowing your vehicle finish to be protected and looking better over a longer period of time.


Durability and protection are the concerns for most consumers. A properly taken care of coating will provide years of protection against bird bombs, oxidation, and other elements while driving. Alpha and Omega coatings are designed to withstand harsher chemicals for complete protection.

UV Protection

UV rays are known for faded and oxidizing paint. Our ceramic coatings will aid in blocking UV rays from harming your vehicle’s paint.

Before your vehicle is coating we will perform a paint correction to get rid of swirl marks and minor scratches. After we make your paint look as new as possible our ceramic coatings will keep it that was as long as it is properly maintained. This will help keep your vehicle looking newer for longer and also look much better when you sell or trade the vehicle in at later on.